Bhupender Nath

Founder & Managing Director

Based on the prospect of elevating the revered Indian cuisine & hospitality while bringing it onto the global culinary center stage, Mr. Bhupender Nath established Passion F&B.

An avid traveler and a fervent foodie, he has always been inspired by the hospitality industry. Mr. Nath has been named ‘Indian Innovator’ by Entrepreneur ME, ‘F&B Entrepreneur of the Year’ by Entrepreneur ME, and ‘F&B CEO of the Year’ by Caterer ME, among others.

Chef Himanshu Saini

Corporate Chef

Considered as one of the youngest tastemakers in modern cuisine today, Chef Himanshu stepped out into the world of gourmet cuisine with the aim to make his mark through constant innovation and to change the perception of Indian cuisine, globally.

Over the years, he has been able to successfully change the perceptions of diners toward Indian food through his innovative dishes. thereby elevating the global standing of the cuisine, today. The evolution of Trèsind is his ode to the culinary legacy of his homeland.

Chef Rahul Rana

Executive Chef

Hailing from the northern part of India, Rishikesh, Chef Rahul has been raised at the foothills of the Himalayas. Since it was a tourist destination, he has grown up having an innate understanding of different cultures and cuisines. He grew up in a predominantly vegetarian community, which exposed his intrigue towards food and exploring different possibilities with it.

His focus has been to evoke strong emotions with every bite. With a fair knowledge and a rich background of having worked with some of the top restaurants in India, his creative sense has developed a methodical approach to develop Dubai’s first vegetarian fine dining experience.